“SWEET PEA” opens at NYTF WinterFest this week!


This week, I will have the honor of playing the lead role in my former classmate Gloria Mendez’s new play, Sweet Pea, as part of a bill of short plays presented by the New York Theatre Festival at the Hudson Guild Theater!

In the show, I play Lily, a young woman who has been rather unlucky in love, due to the fact that her sexual fixation with flowers often scares away potential suitors. The plot explores her strained relationship with her mother, her relationship with her very concerned ex-boyfriend Baren, and her relationship with herself and her own sexuality. It’s difficult enough for a woman to express her sexual preferences – what happens when those preferences fall a bit, shall we say, left-of-center? Come to one of our performances on January 10th, 11th or 13th to find out!

Tickets can be purchased HERE.

The show is directed by Heather Bildman, stage managed by Julie Hoffman, and also features Eric Bermudez, Macarena Ramos, Garrett Lyons, and Brandy Ochoa.

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