Hello and welcome to my corner of the Internet!

My name is Emmy, and I’m a recent graduate from Marymount Manhattan College’s Theatre Performance program.

I was born and raised in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, but as every artistic suburban kid does, I dreamed from a young age of moving to New York. And I made it happen! I’ve lived in the city for a while now, and I’m still madly in love with it, even though I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with flying roaches, subway rats, aggressive salon salespeople in Union Square, and endless incantations of the phrase “we are being delayed by the train dispatcher.” I still love nothing more than a stroll through Central Park, a trip to a museum, or trying out new coffee shops in every neighborhood I visit.

In college, I have studied under magnificent professors, many of whom are currently-working professionals in the entertainment industry. My training has included:

  • Stage acting
  • Acting for the camera
  • Lucid Body technique
  • Dialects: Standard Stage, Received Pronunciation, New York, Cockney
  • Movement & voice for the actor
  • Stage combat

My latest project is the upcoming festival-circuit premiere of Sweet Pea by Gloria Mendez. It will open as part of New York Theatre Festival’s WinterFest this January. In it, I play Lily, a young woman whose unorthodox sexual preferences (involving flowers) land her in some sticky situations with her loved ones.

I’ve been told I look like a combination of Emmy Rossum (my name-twin) and a young Mandy Moore, and that I could play sweet best-friend types or someone with a dark secret. Take from that what you will!

Thanks for stopping by!

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